Columbia River Fire District Regional Training Facility, St. Helens, Oregon

This project consisted of several different structures within the training facility. MCE provided structural engineering services including calculations, drawings, and construction services for a six-level steel-framed fire training structure. The structural framing consisted of structural steel beams and columns and utilized a composite concrete deck. The lateral system for the building was Special Steel Moment Resisting Frames. Exterior walls were framed with light gauge steel girts and a metal panel siding.

The second building at the site was a 5,800-square-foot storage building constructed of light gauge and structural steel and used a combination of Ordinary Steel Moment Resisting Frames, Ordinary Steel Braced Frames, and light-framed shear walls for the lateral force resisting system.

The third building is to be used as a fire training structure and consisted of a three-level, 1,500-square-foot, steel-framed building along with an open “street-scape” structure that simulates building storefronts.

The fourth structure was a technical prop consisting of six levels that were created by stacking and interlocking shipping containers.