Educational Facilities

Constructing an educational building requires close attention to four key issues: cost, maintenance, schedule and its future function.

Our experienced team provides designs that can be durably constructed in a short time frame. Plus, we apply proven value engineering techniquest to deliver cost-effective school designs. On larger remodeling projects, we use phasing to make sure schools are fully operational while additions and remodels take place.

Finally, we build flexibility into our design, which allows the facility to be adapted to changing needs in the future. This approach results in designs that meet user requirements and helps our clients stick to rigorous construction deadlines and budgets.

Some of our services for educational facilities include:

  • Structural design and analysis of new and existing facilities
  • Seismic analysis and upgrades
  • Investigations and reports
  • Mechanical platforms and foundations
  • Analysis of existing trusses for new loading
  • Additions and remodels
  • Chimney bracing
  • Field houses and stadiums
  • Light pole foundations
  • Structural capacity analysis for stage rigging