Industrial Buildings

Industrial facilities must be designed to be versatile and to meet the rigors of hard, prolonged use. They must also meet specialized security and maintenance requirements and be flexible enough to adapt to meet future modifications.

Our design process considers the different variables that are essential to creating a versatile structure for the future. With the client, we determine the operational equipment that will be installed and how the work areas must be laid out. We consider the codes that must be met, including seismic requirements. Finally, we work with the client to determine how the facility might be used in the future and make appropriate allowances for expansion.

This yields an economical industrial facility that meets current requirements and provides flexibility to meet future needs.

Some of our services for industrial buildings include:

  • Equipment bracing
  • Clean room analysis
  • Tank analysis and design
  • Material R&D
  • Building design and analysis
  • Remodel/addition of existing facilities
  • Equipment foundations and damping analysis
  • Bridge crane design
  • Slab analysis
  • Technical reports

Product Designs include:

  • Composite panels
  • ICBO assistance
  • Analysis
  • Standard span charts
  • Drawing review
  • Selection of materials
  • Field solutions
  • Interlocking rock gravity walls
  • Code research
  • Damper gear analysis
  • Raised floor supports