Orchard Lair Pedestrian Bridge, Newberg, Oregon


Orchard Lair Pedestrian bridge
This board walk is 6 feet wide and 75 feet long and intended for pedestrian traffic. Some utilities are also being carried in the joist depth of the boardwalk. The pedestrian live load is 100 PSF. The lateral load from wind is being resisted by cross bracing cables under the walkway. The two intermediate bents have a diagonal brace that are designed to resist the lateral wind load delivered by the cable cross bracing. The soil bearing for the full design load was taken as 1500 PSF allowable. The guard rail on each side of the walkway is designed for 50 PLF live load or a 200 pound point load. The sanitary sewer pipe spans between the bents that are spaced at 10 foot on center. The middle 20 foot span is stiffened by a pair of steel channels so that the sewer pipe will not sag at the mid span support.