Quail Ridge House Remodel, Happy Valley, OR

At Miller Consulting Engineers, no project is too big or too small.

Miller Consulting Engineers came to the aid of a local architectural firm Roman Design to provide structural engineering for the concrete walkway and patio cover for this new residence.

Designing the new concrete walkway and patio cover to be self-supporting, MCE helped to ensure that the new loads did not affect the existing home. Perched at the top of a 100-foot stairway, the patio was designed with hidden custom connections throughout the timber trusses and steel columns.

At the top of the new walkway, MCE engineered the new patio, covered by a cantilevered, column-supported structure made of steel columns to support wood beams and custom timber trusses.

The upper and lower terrace has an elevated reinforced concrete slab supported by concrete bearing walls that rest on continuous footings supported by driven steel pipe piles.