Recreational Facilities

Recreational structures often serve a one-of-a-kind purpose such as aquariums and zoos. A generic solution simply will not be good enough when developing such a facility. From designing pools at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and African Exhibit, to a barn for elephants at the Oregon Zoo, we develop project solutions to meet the specialized needs of cost, creativity, functionality and maintenance. Structures like these often require new concepts to safeguard both the general public and the animals. This makes teamwork and innovative ideas essential components in developing a successful design. We work closely with the designer to make sure the structure meets these specialized needs. The result is a safe, economical facility that can be enjoyed now and for many years to come.


Recreational and exhibit facility services include structural design for:

  • Underwater viewing pools
  • Structures in salt water environments
  • Cable structures
  • Enclosures and structures for large animals (such as elephants and rhinoceroses)
  • Imitation trees to endure daily impact of bears
  • Park structures (such as gazebos, restrooms, playground equipment)
  • Floating docks
  • Bridges and ramps
  • Statue and exhibit foundations
  • Press boxes
  • RV parks
  • Specialty structures
  • Splash tanks

"The goal of our engineering efforts is to work with the team to create an environment that meets the purpose of the project. At times, this requires research and based on this research, materials are selected for durability as well as strength."

- Kevin McCormick, Managing Principal