Team Members

A philosophy of teamwork is fundamental to our values and strengths as an effective consulting engineering firm.  Our policy to work as a team has proven to give our clients better solutions and results.

Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc. currently has 17 staff members, including 11 licensed professional engineers, 3 project engineers, and 4 support staff.

To send a message to an available engineer to discuss a new project please use our Inquiries contact form and your message will be forwarded to the next available engineer. To contact one of the MCE principals, click on the names below, and select the contact form.



MCE Principals


Paul Albertine, PE, SE Lane Jobe, PE, SE Andrew Leichty, PE, SE Kevin McCormick, PE, SE
  Ron Vandehey, PE, SE Eric Watson, PE, SE  

MCE Associates


Anthony Boudon Michelle Chavez, PE CJ Marquardt, PE
Michelle Sharp Tyler Kirchhofer  Michael Johnson, PE
  Jordan Toews  


Support Staff


Brian Hogue, Drafting Heidi McGreal, Marketing Coordinator Libby Rowe, Controller          


Nancy Wells, Administrative Assistant