Stonewater Retaining Walls, Hillsboro, Oregon

The planning of this residential community required the construction of a retaining wall over 900 feet long varying in height from 10 to 16 feet. In addition, the requirement to incorporate a 6-foot-tall masonry fence on top for privacy and safety was designed. The retaining wall was designed and constructed as a cast-in-place, 12-inch-thick concrete cantilever wall design with reinforcing steel on each face in order to take loads from both directions. Because the wall was constructed in winter, it was required to withstand wind from both sides until spring came allowing backfilling operations to begin. As a result, MCE designed the wall to take loads from both directions. Additionally, Miller Consulting Engineers provided coordination with the site development design team. Further, Miller Consulting Engineers determined the structural system, checked and stamped structural calculations and drawings, while providing answers to field questions during construction services.