University of Oregon Matthew Knight Arena Cladding, Eugene, OR

Miller Consulting Engineers delivered structural engineering design, coordination and consultation for three metal panel systems placed on the new University of Oregon Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon.

MCE performed the design of all the structural aspects of the metal composite panel system to ensure resistance to code-level wind pressures and panel design deflection requirements. 

Instrumental in the panel testing process, MCE verified the panel system design requirements and helped reduce costs for the overall system with cost-saving recommendations. Close collaboration with clients like Skyline Sheet Metal, Inc. ensures each project will be a success.

The systems utilized for the arena project included the SSMPER-X Metal Panel Rain Screen System, a metal plate wall panel system, and a metal shingle wall panel system manufactured and installed by Skyline Sheet Metal, Inc.   

Photographs have been provided courtesy of Skyline Sheet Metal, Inc.