Power, water, waste water and the communications industry need to continually evolve in order to be competitive and meet the demands of the public. As engineers, we provide the management and technical expertise the utility industries require to have successful projects completed in a cost-effective, timely manner. Some of our utility services include:


  • Seismic engineering for transformers & equipment bracing
  • Portable/modular cell site structures
  • Tower design/analysis
  • Analysis of existing towers
  • Monopole foundations
  • Non-metallic structures

Power & Dams

  • Replacement of turbine and generator
  • Governor modifications
  • Intake trash rack design
  • Crane design
  • Intake analysis
  • Turbine repair
  • Stop log design
  • Penstock repairs
  • Fish screens
  • Substation structures

Water/Waste Water

  • Building design & retrofit analysis
  • Review of existing building & equipment
  • Seismic bracing of equipment & piping
  • Bridge design
  • Technical reports
  • Tank analysis & design
  • Equipment foundation and damping analysis
  • Bridge crane design