Willamette Valley Baptist Church

Willamette Valley Baptist Church

The Willamette Valley Baptist Church located in Aumsville, Oregon, is a spacious facility constructed with well over 47,000 square feet. The requirements presented to the design team by the church were to provide a design that could accommodate the needs of a school for pre-school to twelfth grade, and a fully functioning worship center. With a limited budget, methods of construction, materials selection, and a design were developed to minimize construction costs.

Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MCE) worked as part of the design team and provided an overall structural design that utilized a pre-engineered steel building design. Pre-engineered metal buildings have traditionally been used in industrial applications. In this project the capacity to provide large spaces for low costs allowed the project to move forward.

This approach to design required special detailing for interior walls, and mezzanines. The large span steel framing presented challenges because the roof support members are relatively flexible when supporting gravity and horizontal wind and earthquake loading.

In some areas the wall framing was over 45 feet tall. Due to the unusual wall height, metal stud construction was used to support interior mezzanines and provide shear walls to resist earthquake loading at the interior mezzanines.

MCE provided structural engineering services including calculations, drawings, and construction services for the metal building foundation, and related interior framing systems.


The architectural design for this project was provided by Brittell Architecture.