Waste Water Tank Inspection, Sundown Sanitary Sewer District, Astoria, Oregon

Miller Consulting Engineers performed inspections, structural evaluation, and review of the existing primary clarifier and aeration basin. The tank cover design and construction documents and specifications were also developed. Due to the waste water process, special considerations were made for selection of materials to prevent corrosion, and the flexibility of our design minimized construction costs to meet our the client’s needs.

Scappoose Water Treatment Plant, Scappoose, OR

Miller Consulting Engineers performed seismic bracing for equipment, chemical storage tanks, pump anchorages, and pipe bracing for improvements to this water treatment facility. The designs developed by our firm were amplified to meet the criteria for essential facilities. And, as part of a design-build construction team, our rapid response time and flexibility kept the project on track, while meeting the needs of the other team members.