Prefabricated / Modular structures

Modular structures include walk-in coolers/freezers, prefabricated buildings.

Premanufactured Residence

Kennerson Residence

Constructed from Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), this idyllic winter chateau located in Wasilla, Alaska, demonstrates the concept that premanufactured homes can be custom-made to suit almost any environment.

Modular Construction

Time is money. One way to cut down on construction cost is to reduce the overall construction schedule. At Miller Consulting Engineers, we work with many manufacturers to provide modular units that are built in a factory, shipped to the job site, and assembled in half the time that it would take for typical construction. By building modular units in a controlled factory environment, there is less time lost due to weather delays and a higher quality finished product. For areas with extremely short building seasons, modular construction is a very economical and necessary solution.